Thursday, September 30, 2010

what we've been up too

We have spent a lot of time with crafts.  Both the kids and myself.
 Time outside riding our bikes and enjoying the weather.  Jace learned to ride without training wheels.  That was a big accomplishment for him.

 We've gotten to spend time with family now that we live a lot closer to them.

 And we have been spending time at the soccer fields. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I miss about Columbia, MO:

our great friends our church home
small group
Shakespeare's Pizza
the parks
our great friends
play dates
the weather (though I may not feel that way this winter)
the shopping
our great friends.
Thanks for an awesome 5 years Columbia and everyone who made it home for us.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kiddos rooms

So we have been doing some painting around here.  I finally have the kids rooms pretty much done.  I still need to finish one set of Brynleys curtains and paint her dresser black.  That will complete her room.
Haydens room was a pain to paint.  Don't buy duck tape brand painting tape.  FYI.  You will have to repaint a lot where the tape pulled off the paint.  No fun.  I am pleased with the final results though.  I plan on puting constuction signs up to decorate his walls.  Then his room will be complete.
Jace's room is done.  The orange and navy are looking lighter in this picture than they do in person.  He really enjoyed helping me paint and he loves the final results!
I have a new couch and new kitchen chairs on the way and I can't wait for them to get here.  Next room to tackle is the master.  No painting need though, thank goodness.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


That is what we have been up to.  Moving.  It is has been a long two weeks for us.  The movers showed up, packed us up, loaded us up, and took off.  We then went to Odessa to spend a few days while our things made their way to Texas.  Clint and I came to San Angelo to paint Brynley's room.  Our stuff was suppose to get here the next day, but didn't.  So we did some errand running to pass the day.  Then our van's transmission decided to give out.  That meant we no longer had a working vehicle since Clint's car was still in transit.  We spent the afternoon stuck at our new home with no furniture, tv, computer, games, anything.  Thank goodness for Iphones!  Finally our things got here and we started moving in to our new home.  Two days later we had all our family here to celebrate Jace's 6th birthday (pics on that later.)  This week the boys spent a few days with there cousins so Clint and I could get more work done.  2 weeks have passed since our movers showed up in Missouri and we are close to being done.  Almost all the boxes are unpacked.  Now it is down to finding where I want all those random items to go and decorating.  Stick with us and I will post some more pics soon.  Here's a couple to tide you over.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's 1!

Last weekend we had Brynley's 1st Birthday party.  We celebrated at a park just outside our neighborhood.  I couldn't have asked for a better place or weather.  It had been hot and humid all day but by party time the wind picked up.  We were in the shade, under the shelter, and with the wind it felt great out there.  It was too windy for the decorations to stay up, but that was okay.  Brynley and all the guests seemed to have a great time.  We ate great food, yummy cupcakes and icecream, and the kiddos played on the playground.

Brynley and her Birthday outfit.
The dinner spread
Good times on the swing
The cake
Too windy for the candle to stay lit
Testing it out
This sure is yummy,

but I have had enough.
Horray for Birthdays!
Daddy and Jace helping with the presents.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello there.  I have been lacking in time to blog and something worthy of blogging about.  So for the handful of you that check in on us here, I decided I better give you something new.  Here are a few pictures of what is consuming our time.

Jace seems to really love playing both tball and soccer.  Makes both Mom and Dad happy! 
For Mother's Day, Jace's teacher asked him some questions.  Here they are and his response.
*My mom is "33"years old and she weighs "50 lbs." (that's why he is my favorite!)
*My mom's favorite food is "egg sandwiches." (I do like me a good egg sandwich but I wouldn't say those were my favorite)
*My mom's favorite TV show is "NCIS".  (definately one of the top)
*My mom's favorite thing to do is "to play the Wii with me."  (also at the top)
*My mommy is so smart, she even knows "what we are going to eat all the time."  (If I didn't we would all starve right!)
*If I had a million dollars I would buy my mommy "a dress to wear to church."  (That would be one heck of a church dress alright!)
*My mom is funny when "she says Stop hitting your head."  ( I have to say that way to much.)
I will leave you with a cute pic of my sweet, almost 6 year old.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shelter Gardens

We have been having incredible weather here in mid-Missouri.  The kids and I have been taking great advantage of it.  Yesterday we meet some friends at Shelter Gardens.  It is a beautiful garden area here in town.  We had a picnic lunch and the kids played around for several hours.  Here are a few pics of our day.
Hayden spent most of his time throwing pepples and mulch into the stream.
Brynley was such a good girl playing on the blanket and posing for the hundreds of pictures I took.
Jace and his friends tried to torment the water bugs.
I even managed to make them stand still for me for a few minutes to get a shot of all 3 of them.